Data Center Hot Spot Elimination and Localized Cooling

Hot spots have been attributed to a reduction in reliability and system outages, and have been associated with computer hardware equipment manufacturers threatening to void warranties or maintenance agreements. Coolcentric thermal systems enable localized data center equipment cooling and eliminate data center hot spots.

Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) cool equipment at the source. Cooling at the source prevents any heat from being released into the data center and is much more efficient than moving air around the data center. Less white space and energy are needed to cool the equipment. In fact by localizing the cooling, less cooling needs to take place.

data center hot spot elimination

Server Rack Cooling

Coolcentric RDHx can be used to cool a single rack or as the basis of design for an entire data center. The Coolcentric RDHx are extremely effective at reducing data center hot spots and enable facilities to deploy fully loaded racks, offering space savings and flexibility for sites that have often exceeded their cooling capacity. In addition, RDHx can be implemented in a “cold aisle to cold aisle” model for even greater efficiency and scalability.

Coolcentric data center cooling solutions can help you build or refurbish your data center to improve green energy efficiency. With Coolcentric data center solutions, managers can increase compute power by 5 times, increase electrically active white space by 80% and reduce energy costs by 90% when compared to competitive IT cooling solutions.