Data Center Cooling Solutions Overview

Data centers consume significant amounts of energy, spcace and money. Cooling of data centers is critical for optimal function while also being the main expense for companies. Coolcentric specializes in enviornmentally friendly cooling solutions for data centers because part of our mission is to reduce energy usage and decrease carbon footprint. We strive to solve the challenges by continuously developing technology, providing excellant service, focus on efficient cooling and reducing energy consumption.
Data Centers typically fall into these three solution categories:

Data center cooling Solutions

Thermal Solutions for Enterprise Data Centers

Coolcentric solves thermal, energy and cost challenges for data center cooling companies at the component, system and data center level. Learn why Coolcentric data center thermal systems immersive technologies are the best-in-class cooling solutions for low to high-density server, storage, and communications equipment deployments, designed with reliability and cost savings in mind.

Thermal solutions for enterprise data centers

Energy Efficiency and Space Optimization

The Coolcentric data center cooling solution can help you build or refurbish green energy efficient data centers. Our promise is to increase compute power by five times, increase electrically active white space by 80%, and reduce energy costs by 90% when compared to competitive IT cooling solutions. Learn how Coolcentric can help you deploy a more sustainable data center.

energy efficiency and space optimization

Data Center Hot Spot Elimination and Localized Cooling

Coolcentric thermal systems enable localized cooling and eliminates hot spots. Discover the market's first “cold aisle-to-cold aisle” methodology for localized data center cooling solutions. Our customers who successfully delpoyed our Liquid Cooling Data Center Solutions have reported dramatic savings in energy consumption, space utilization, and reduced IT costs.

data center hot spot elimination and localized cooling