Thermal Solutions for Enterprise Data Centers

Operating today's data centers has become extremely complex and costly. Demand for compute, storage and communications capacity is experiencing dramatic growth. At the same time, business and economic pressures are forcing enterprises to consolidate facilities, streamline operations and aggressively drive down costs. As IT infrastructure scales, so does power consumption. As power consumption grows the cooling requirements grow as well. Data center cooling can account for as much as 55% of a data center's total annualized operating cost. Then to make matters worse, the cost of energy continues to increase causing operating expenses to grow exponentially.

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In addition, U.S. energy reduction mandates are coming from the top tiers of the government. The U.S. Department of Energy is playing a key role in helping enterprises to moderate energy consumption, helping data centers to deploy energy management best practices and conduct supporting targeted research and development. Its goals are to:

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    Save 10 billion kWh per year

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    Reduce data center energy intensity by 25%

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    Achieve common implementation of distributed generation systems at data centers

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    Reach a data center infrastructure efficiency performance rating factor (information technology to total data center energy use) of 0.70 or more in more than 50% of large enterprise-class data centers

To meet these goals, enterprises will need to find effective, efficient and low-cost equipment cooling solutions to maintain sustainable data centers. Coolcentric data center thermal systems solve cooling, energy and cost challenges for enterprises at the component, system and data center levels.

Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchangers are the best-in-class data center cooling solutions for mid- to high-density server, storage and communications equipment deployments, designed with reliability and cost savings in mind.

Coolcentric data center cooling solutions can help you build or refurbish your data center to improve green energy efficiency. With Coolcentric server room cooling solutions, managers can increase compute power by 5 times, increase electrically active white space by 80% and reduce energy costs by 90% when compared to competitive IT cooling solutions.